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long term travel woes

Robbie and I are in month two of our epic criss cross of South America. And while we’ve seen and experienced some incredible things (that giant ass glacier, those creepy ass Moai), we’ve also had ample time to contemplate all the shitty things about long term travel. Yes, there are plenty and there’re not the Read More

Mendoza Argentina cooking class

Mendoza is perpetually drunk. On damn fine wine. And as if Argentina on the whole wasn’t suffering from vino delirium, Mendoza happens to be the epicenter of their production. Its star, Malbec: a purple red, fruity, smoky new found lover of mine. Malbec is why we’re here. Actually, it’s the only reason we’re here in Read More

Easter Island stray dogs attack

Not all travel tales end well. As was the case during our last night on Easter Island, despite eight previous days reveling in idealistic vacation mode. In all its island glamour, Easter Island has its share of faults. All of which are cleverly hidden behind a shit ton of beauty. There’s the battle between its natives Read More

Easter Island Rapa Nui underwater Moai

When most people think of Easter Island, they think of the Moai. And that’s it. They don’t consider the intriguing past. The controversial present. Or that there may be other things to do on an island besides lock eyes awkwardly with the Moai. So that’s why I was tickled to find out that Easter Island Read More

Staring down the Moai

I used to have a bucket list. But then I realized that having one was stupid. There are places I want to go. Activities I want to do. But I don’t want a list to dictate how I travel or be this device to which I’m inevitably disappointed (my Great Barrier Reef experience, for example) Read More

Time travel Santiago Chile

Damn I love Santiago. I thought Bogotá was pretty sweet… but Santiago is working its way up the rungs rather quickly. It could be the existence of a metro system (AHEM Bogotá). Or the massive autumn-infused parks. Or the fact that I got inappropriately day drunk while riding a bike through a vineyard yesterday (arg Read More

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