When we set out on this life-altering journey known as parenthood, we figured our #wanderlust would come to a temporary halt. I even outlined this in my first letter to my now 4-month year old. That is, between the utter exhaustion, my own recovery, the cost of said baby, and the unknown severity of her Read More

Letchworth Village cover

To celebrate my third trimester, I did what I thought would make me most happy. I explored an abandoned psychiatric hospital. It was an odd choice I admit, but as I have regaled in previous posts, I am drawn to relics of our past. And even odder, there is an abundance of them in New England Read More

Transplant cover photo

Exactly one year ago, I shed my expat label and became an American transplant. It was in the midst of a newly questionable political situation. A time when I felt that the drug cartels of South America were less fearful than a teenager with guns. With the knowledge that there would be a lot more Read More

Next stop parenthood cover

Earlier this year, I found out I was pregnant. I took a large number of tests to be quite sure the cheap CVS brand wasn't fooling around... Confirmed and with only time and weight gain to embrace, I decided to address the baby. I wrote this letter to her on my birthday (Feb. 5th) back Read More

Institutionalized reverse culture shock

I’ve been bitch slapped with reverse culture shock in the last six months. And it’s not the kind you learn about in those self-help articles that I totally didn’t read. It’s the dumb, mundane ways that I continue to feel like a weirdo. Like I’m handcuffed and institutionalized to that giant chunk of my life Read More

Dining in the dark cover

"I want maple syrup and the chance to trigger my own panic attack whilst dining in the dark..." About 5 years ago when I was put into a coffin, I discovered I was sort of claustrophobic. This was in Japan—naturally—where one amusement park’s idea of scary fun was locking participants into a wooden coffin and Read More

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