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Argentina polo day horses

What do you think about when you hear the word “polo?” Until I saw a photo of the sport— aka glorified hockey on horses— I hadn’t a clue. And even after I saw the photo, I formed my own uneducated judgement. That polo is a sport for snooty, elitist Argentinian men with nothing to do in Read More

Fuerza Bruta Buenos Aires Argentina

“You just have to go,” our dinner companion proclaims. “Um… so… what is it?” I ask even though I’m already convinced. “Just go to Fuerza Bruta. Ps. You get soaked.” Fuerza Bruta. Otherwise, known as Brute Force. Now what the f*&$ kind of crazy ass, rapey-sounding concept is that? Alas, we had nothing to go Read More

Mendoza Argentina cooking class

Mendoza is perpetually drunk. On damn fine wine. And as if Argentina on the whole wasn’t suffering from vino delirium, Mendoza happens to be the epicenter of their production. Its star, Malbec: a purple red, fruity, smoky new found lover of mine. Malbec is why we’re here. Actually, it’s the only reason we’re here in Read More

“It’s hard to straddle a suggestive-looking crevice and NOT fear plummeting to an icy death…” Patagonia-wise, there seems to be three sites you simply must check off to say you’ve truly been here: Torres del Paine (Chilean side), Fitz Roy (Argentine side), and finally, Perito Moreno glacier (Argentine side). With the first two laboriously— and Read More