Colombia cover photo Fresh Coffee Stains


Cocora Valley Colombia

Besides— alas— a certain powdery white substance, Colombia is synonymous with coffee. Like 11 million bags of it exported each year, synonymous. And while in your average Colombian city, it can be a challenge to find the good stuff (most high quality coffee is exported), SALENTO strikes gold every time. Quaint Salento is the star Read More

Casa Elemento Minca Colombia world's biggest hammock

The gringo track along the coast of Colombia is well worn, my friends. Obviously, you start off with Cartagena. Probably hit up Casa en el Agua and the mud volcano. Skip past poor Barranquilla (but don’t!). Drink your face off in Santa Marta. Tick of Taganga, Tayrona Park, Ciudad Perdida, Palomino, and finally Minca. Minca Read More

48 hours Cartagena Colombia

Cartagena is Colombia’s beloved jewel, celebrated for its colorful and historic past, nearby archipelago of tropical islands, and eclectic dining experiences. With the city at your disposal, there’s plenty to keep you occupied for days, possibly weeks. But where should you start? For a memorable and delicious— albeit jam-packed— 48-hour itinerary in Cartagena, follow below Read More

I knew the moment I saw the mechanical bull that we were in hell, not a church. After three full days in La Candeleria, it was time to escape Bogotá. We decided to head up to Zipaquirá, a lovely town an hours north of the city (sans traffic). It is here that the Catedral de Read More

Bogota La Candeleria 48 hours

For Costeños (coastal people of Colombia), Bogotá is a whole lot of NOPE. It’s too cold. The people too snooty and boring. The traffic too congested. Yet while the latter is true— invest in a skateboard or something— we find the capital city of 8 million to be incredibly welcoming. And at a perfect temperature Read More

Ciudad Perdida Lost Trek Colombia

Sweat, some more sweat, and lots of heavy panting. Ah yeah. But really, there’s nothing sexy about Ciudad Perdida, the “Lost City,” a massive, Machu Picchu-esque archaeological site rediscovered in 1972. Yet, the intrepid set out daily to tackle the four-day journey, eager to photograph themselves atop the virtually unspoiled ruins of its past, ones Read More