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Santa Marta breakfast cafes Colombia

Lulo Cafe Bar Opens at 8 a.m. This is the default hipster cafe in Santa Marta, legendary for their gourmet arepas, juice combinations, and potent cocktails. The hype is well deserved and their breakfast arepas are no exception: think eggs, avocado, and caramelized onion, baby. Pros: Just killer food; free Wi-fi; outdoor seating Cons: Small Read More

Casa en el Agua Colombia

Theres a lot to love about Casa en el Agua. The obvious answer being that its a hostel. On an island. Surrounded by the extraordinary colors of the Caribbean. Scratch that. The hostel is its own island. Like the water is quite literally right freakin there. Like roll out of bed with a hangover— inevitable— Read More

Barranquilla Carnaval green flower dancer

It ain't technically over but Barranquilleros have left the building. That is, though Monday and Tuesday this week are technically Carnaval holidays, we all tend to flee the city to recover from chronic hangovers. If you missed out on Barranquilla's 2017 Carnaval, then don't worry. The city will begin its preparation for next year's festival Read More

Barranquilla Carnaval couples dancing

It may not be Rio, but little ol’ Barranquilla’s Carnaval brings the heat. And although the event itself lasts but four official days, the city practically oozes Carnaval revelry for nine months out of the year. Regardless, most visitors only show up for the flashiest time, this year being February 25-28th. Foreigners pour into the Read More

Barranquilla trencito ride

Barranquilla gets a bad rep. To quote what some people consider the Bible of travel— Lonely Planet, “There's little reason to visit Barranquilla outside of Mardi Gras madness… your experience of Barranquilla will simply be of its bad traffic.” Ouch. I’ll admit I wasn’t very taken with Barranquilla upon arrival. After all, it’s sandwiched between Read More

Barranquilla dessert

Hungry? Make sure you're well fed for the craziness of Carnaval or if you find yourself on a layover in Barranquilla. Click on the pins on the map to discover a local's favorite list of restaurants. Think anything from traditional Colombian to super vegan to diabetes-inducing pizza. Happy eating! Heading to Santa Marta? Check out Read More