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Visiting Tokyo cover

Travelers love, love, love visiting Tokyo, Japan: home of renowned intersections, sparkling skyscrapers, dream cuisine, and so much more. However, before you go explore this city in the “Land of the Rising Sun,” it’s important to arm yourself with some local know-how. Read the following list and prepare to have the ultimate experience if you Read More

Japanese islands COVER

When most travelers imagine fleeing to one of the Japanese islands, they turn to Okinawa. Or at least to a paradise island they imagine is Okinawa— one without military bases, horrendously slow traffic, and wary locals. But as lovely as the fringe islands surrounding Okinawa are, they are distant from the mainland. Often expensive to Read More

Rabbit Island Japan cover

“On your free day, would you mind checking out Rabbit Island?” One week into my business trip to Japan and I had an objective that I was more than willing to tackle: surround myself with fluffy bunnies and report back what happened. Gladly. Seriously gladly. Rabbit Island, also known as Okunoshima, is just one Read More

Kyoto without tourists cover

I have found myself back in Japan once more. This time on business with a new, more permanent job. And this time starting in the ever popular city of Kyoto. It’s never been my favorite and I’ve avoided endorsing it— this ancient capital filled to the brim with 1600 temples and shrines and approximately 50 Read More

15 things to do in Tokyo

Welp, here I am saying sayonara to Tokyo once more. It’s been a fabulously busy month with a group of high schoolers I led here on a study abroad program. We visited a bunch of my old digs and even discovered a few new ones. I always love sharing my personal favorite spots, activities, and Read More

Hokkaido flower field cover

For some odd reason, I keep ending up in bloody Hokkaido, Japan’s most northern island. It happens to have the lowest population density and one of the least visited by tourists (sans an influx of Chinese visitors, drawn here by Chinese Hollywood. To say the least, it's creating some tension). Yet here I am once again. Two years ago Read More