Barranquilla Carnaval green flower dancer

It ain’t technically over but Barranquilleros have left the building. That is, though Monday and Tuesday this week are technically Carnaval holidays, we all tend to flee the city to recover from chronic hangovers. If you missed out on Barranquilla’s 2017 Carnaval, then don’t worry. The city will begin its preparation for next year’s festival starting one day after this one commences. Here’s a few reminders of the tamer aspects of Carnaval 2017, i.e. the PARADES:

Horses stumbling around, partially blinded by Marimonda masks:

Floats with sweaty kings:

Barranquilla Carnaval Rey king 2017

Cultural figures with overt racist undertones:

Barranquilla Carnaval 2017 El Son de Negro

The colorful and very gregarious dancers… who were more than happy to stop for a photo op. So as long as you could push your way to the front row past drunken Colombians with foam guns:

Barranquilla Carnaval cumbia dancer
Barranquilla Carnaval garabato man
Barranquilla Carnaval dancers

The saddest man in the world:

Barranquilla Carnaval truck


Barranquilla Carnaval 2017 headless man

And of course, a terrifying procession of marimondas:

Barranquilla Carnaval marimondas

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