Welcome to Fresh Coffee Stains, an honest and awkward travel blog that hopefully gives the expat community realistic outtakes on traveling. And lots of advice… so you don’t f*&$ up as much as me.

I’m Tam: a short, stumbling 33-year old American girl juggling normal jobs and an insatiable appetite for all things not here. I’ve traveled to over 50 countries and made my home in five of them, writing for publications (see media tab) along the way. I recently left Barranquilla, Colombia after living there for six months and then traveled around South America for shits and giggles. Currently, I am in between Boston and Japan working as a Country Specialist for a boutique travel company. Wherever I am, I spend a lot of hours involved in ridiculous endeavors and like to share my successes and flops for a large, judgmental audience.

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