Downeast Cider House Boston

“Happy hours are illegal in Boston…” Ah the perils of moving to a new city and discovering its unfortunate quirks. After living in Japan and Colombia— two countries without open container laws— the curbing of wild debauchery will take some getting used to. But fair enough, Boston sort of has a history (hiccup, let’s throw Read More

abandoned places cover

“You have to hike up about 30 minutes to get there,” said our car driver outside Beijing. “And never mind the 'No Trespassing’ sign. We won’t get caught…” I'd like to set the record straight: I am an urban explorer. This means that in my free time, I like to sneak or climb into abandoned Read More

Cuba cover

I visited Cuba in 2014 when Americans were technically restricted from going unless on a "people-to-people" trip or something else official. I was not on either but had prepared enough to successfully enter and exit the country under an illegal veil of disguise. With Cuban cigars, a cigar box, and a very loud vintage Cuban Read More

road trip cover

For the last four days, I have been sitting on my ass. On a road trip across the U.S. There’s been rainstorms and monotonous landscape. Road rage and lessons on driving manual (success!) All the while, immobile and rapidly gaining weight despite all best intentions. We had finished with our one joyful objective of the Read More

A lovely wedding in Bozeman, Montana. The obligation of driving the newlywed’s car back to Boston on a short timeline. A shit ton of time with your significant other (read about the 10 Commandments of traveling with your partner). What do you do with your time in order to make the roadtrip worthwhile (besides stop Read More

travel horror stories

As I climb upward on that rollercoaster known as “reverse culture shock”— yay honeymoon phase!— I can’t help but consider life. Things are about to get permanent. Real permanent. I nabbed a job. We secured an apartment in downtown Boston. Future life is on our minds and for the most part— besides a work trip Read More

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