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"One passenger carried her own sizable bag of puke out from the plane. A true Nazcan souvenir..." The Nazca Lines. 1000ish ginormous geoglyphs (large designs or motifs) and about 50 biomorphs (plant and animal designs) spread out over 325 square kilometers of Peru’s coastal desert. Think razor sharp pictures— some spanning 12 kilometers in size— Read More

Altitude sickness ain’t no joke. I shudder when I think about that morning in Bolivia— suffering at 4,000 meters— as an alien tumor pounded against my skull. It took a good week of elevation changes in the thousands and a cycle down Death Road to stop breathing like an obese cow. But even now, post Read More

Activity guide Japan front cover

As evident in my Local’s Activity Guide to Tokyo, I have spent much of my time in Japan suffering perpetual ADD and thus, seeking oddball adventures. Even as a newbie to the country at 22 years of age, most of my weekends included escapes beyond little Harima-cho. So as a follow-up to that last one, here comes "Japan Activity Guide." Now Read More

“We have 100 meters of safety rope for Death Road. So don’t fall more than that…” Biking down the Death Road in Bolivia. It sounded like a bunch of overhyped hooha or yet another venture catering to adrenaline-hungry tourists on the gringo trail. Yet, there it was on TripAdvisor as the #2 attraction in La Read More

Uyuni Fresh Coffee Stains

If you visit San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, you inevitably feel the pressure to give in and join a tour to Uyuni, Bolivia. This tops most bucket lists thanks to the renowned Uyuni salt flats, over 10,000 square kilometers and made famous through ridiculous photos on Instagram. Think optical illusions of dinosaurs, miniature humans, and Read More

Sand. Oh the places it will go. I have an unhealthy track record with the art of boarding. A long time ago in Nagano, Japan, I attempted snowboarding. I lasted for all of 30 minutes before I broke down in tears and traded in for skis. The coordination. The trapped legs. The icy plummet. F*&$ Read More

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