Daibutsu trail Kamakura Japan

One of the reasons why I’m so infatuated with Tokyo is that you can experience a lot of what Japan has to offer within close proximity of the city. Thus, a quick one-hour jaunt to Kamakura. Once Japan’s feudal capital, this touristy hub boasts temples and sites that seemingly rival distant Kyoto. These sites include Read More

Tokyo booze cruise cover

“Whatever your choice, your summer night is bound to memorable aboard an evening Tokyo booze cruise…” It’s officially summer, and in Japan, this means the inevitable rainy season followed by months of pit stains and locals constantly remarking about how hot it is. But another, more welcoming custom of summer are the throngs of both Read More

Tokyo coffee cover

I’m tickled to be home. And by home, I mean my adult home of Tokyo. Naturally, the prospect of seeing friends and students is lovely. As is eating my way through the city (get your eat on with this list of local Tokyo restaurants). But in the midst of leading a group of hyperactive high Read More

essential travel items

As I unpack my bag from South America and begin repacking for Japan, I can’t help but reflect on essential travel items and the art of packing. This is an art for which I have little to no skill. That is, despite a lifetime of travel, the struggle continues to be real. Most of us Read More

“We’ve spent the majority of the last month dreaming of things to come when all we could do at the moment was stand still…” 3.5 months. 6 countries (Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Peru). I’ve never been so eager to bounce home, to a place that I wouldn’t necessarily define as home. I long Read More

Nazca Lines blog

"One passenger carried her own sizable bag of puke out from the plane. A true Nazcan souvenir..." The Nazca Lines. 1000ish ginormous geoglyphs (large designs or motifs) and about 50 biomorphs (plant and animal designs) spread out over 325 square kilometers of Peru’s coastal desert. Think razor sharp pictures— some spanning 12 kilometers in size— Read More

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