Santa Marta breakfast cafes Colombia

Lulo Cafe Bar
Opens at 8 a.m.
This is the default hipster cafe in Santa Marta, legendary for their gourmet arepas, juice combinations, and potent cocktails. The hype is well deserved and their breakfast arepas are no exception: think eggs, avocado, and caramelized onion, baby.
Pros: Just killer food; free Wi-fi; outdoor seating
Cons: Small space; gringo central, meh coffee

La Canoa

Opens at 10 a.m.
A little classier than its competitors, this cafe meaning “canoe” is French-inspired and ultra adorable. Like coffee table picture worthy.
Pros: Excuse for dessert for breakfast (Milhoja!); for basic Instagrammers; YUM coffee
Cons: Late opening time; a little expensive

Ikaro Cafe
Opens at “8 a.m.”
Beautifully decorated and with the kind of lounge chairs that induce naps. Think vegetarian treats like hummus-avocado breakfast sandwiches. And THE COFFEE. Try a strong Arabian blend and then take a bag of the Sierra Nevadas home with you.
Pros: Comfy ass seating; vegetarian-friendly; YUM coffee
Cons: Doesn’t open promptly at 8; Wi-fi?; slow service; mosquitos up the ass

El Amanuense Libros y Café
El Amanuense Cafe Santa Marta CoffeeOpens at “9 a.m.”
If you’re not a big breakfast eater, this is the perfect spot for a spot of coffee and cake. It’s, obviously, inside a bookstore and definitely attracts a more relaxed crowd of friendly locals.
Pros: Caters more to locals; excellent book selection; beautiful ceramic coffee mugs
Cons: Mysterious hours; no legit food options available

Café Bonsai
Opens at 8 a.m.
Yes, I realize this one is technically NOT in Santa Marta proper. It’s just over the hill in Taganga, which is where most gringos eventually end up anyway. Complete breakfast for about 13,000 pesos which includes locally-sourced Greek yogurt, homemade brown bread, and delicious coffee.
Pros: Strongest Wi-fi in the town; to go bread, peanut butter, and jam; A.C.; awesome tunes; friendly staff
Cons: Flies bug you if you sit outside (get it? haha)

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