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In a city comprising nearly 14 million people, you’re bound to find food to satiate your refined palate. And even though the city and the country remain largely homogeneous, Tokyoites embrace international cuisine like a welcome plague. Yet, expats complain of the lack of ‘merican awesomeness. In terms of sandwiches (see above picture of The Earl) or burgers or even chili. But I was rarely disappointed. An that’s because after living in the city for over five years, I did my OCD scouting like the good Girl Scout I once was. Go-to favorites (such as The Earl sandwich shop shown below) were established at each train stop and two-hour train rides were welcomed, so as long as a good falafel was waiting. (Check out this guide to Tokyo coffee shops or this local activity guide to Tokyo!)

Tokyo The Earl

Warning: Tokyo restaurants are rather superficial in their relationships with the city. As in, they create such a fanfare in the beginning but quickly disappear after the city loses interest. You’ll likely read about the opening of some wacky “Oh Japan” novelty— aka Kawaii Monster Cafe— and then watch it join the long list of themed failures (case in point, the tacky ass and overpriced Vampire Cafe?) The selections in the map are likely to stay around for the long haul, but please DO inform me if something changes. Though I’ll forever be saddened.

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